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OC crossover meme by SilverNekoBaka OC crossover meme :iconsilvernekobaka:SilverNekoBaka 33 15 Red Like Roses by SilverNekoBaka Red Like Roses :iconsilvernekobaka:SilverNekoBaka 1 8 Firestar's Expressions by SilverNekoBaka Firestar's Expressions :iconsilvernekobaka:SilverNekoBaka 2 12 The Fabulous Trio by SilverNekoBaka The Fabulous Trio :iconsilvernekobaka:SilverNekoBaka 2 3 Firestar Drawing Dump by SilverNekoBaka Firestar Drawing Dump :iconsilvernekobaka:SilverNekoBaka 7 10
“Prof!” Ruby shouted as she approached the man leaning on the railing of the bridge.
Liam looked up at her. He was a bit taken off guard. He hadn't expected anyone to come looking for him. “What are you doing out here?” he asked.
“Howdy hello to you too,” Ruby mumbled, taking a place beside him and looking over at the water. It was a calm day. The water was still and quiet. She could understand why the Professor had wanted to stand out here for a while. It was so different than the scene inside, where the others were busy being loud and rowdy, “Whatcha doing?”
“Staring,” he replied simply.
“Mmm hmm...” Ruby muttered, shifting her gaze to the man beside her, “And while you've been staring, have you come up with any of your brilliant ideas?”
“Yes,” he said simply, “I should have cake more often.”
“Brilliant,” she nodded, “Now onto my next question. Are you feeling
:iconsilvernekobaka:SilverNekoBaka 2 18
Shuu X Reader Snow White Queen (Part 4)
Needless to day, you hadn't slept well at all that night. You were still steaming about the nerve that man had, kicking you off campus. It was neither his right or responsibility to remove you from your place of work. Of course, you had been caught snooping through his private papers. However, after his reaction to catching you at his desk, you were done making excuses for him. He was an unpleasant person no matter how hard anyone tried to pass it off as him being uptight, private, overworked, antisocial, having a headache, or anything else that you'd pulled out of your book of excuses.
The files in his office bothered you, and it wasn't just the fact that they were strewn about the place like a tornado had just passed through either. It was all those kids that he had listed on them. No diagnosis. No treatment that you could make out through his chicken scratch handwriting. And yet, none of the students that appeared in them had been present since the day the records had been made.
:iconsilvernekobaka:SilverNekoBaka 28 60
It wasn't often that Lya had to stay at Dakota's house. Her parents hardly ever visited North Carolina, and when they did, they never stayed long. She didn't mind being with her cousin or with the others, but she still had one small problem. She never slept as well as she did at her home.
It was that fact that caused her to open her eyes and bolt upright when she heard the shuffling in the corner. The girl stumbled out of bed in a hurry and grabbed the nearest available object. It was a copy of The Order of the Phoenix. While a book normally wasn't considered amongst the most deadly forces in the world, a copy of the fifth Harry Potter could pack quite a wallop.
The magician approached the source of the noise. Nobody else should have been in the room with her. This was her room while she stayed at Dakota's, and whoever had come in was going down. The teen moved as close to the other person as she possibly could without being noticed; then without warning, she lunged.
:iconsilvernekobaka:SilverNekoBaka 1 26
Ruby Again by SilverNekoBaka Ruby Again :iconsilvernekobaka:SilverNekoBaka 4 33 Liam by SilverNekoBaka Liam :iconsilvernekobaka:SilverNekoBaka 1 5
100 Themes 21
100 Themes
“It Hurts...”

Liam felt himself tense as he awoke. There was another presence beside him, one that certainly hadn't been there when he'd turned in for the night. The professor briefly toyed with the idea of summoning his spear, should anything unfriendly surface. However, he quickly disregarded it. In all logic, if whoever or whatever it was had intended to hurt him, they would have done so long ago. He would have been an easy target while he was sleeping peacefully and unaware of what was going on around him.
Curiously, the man shifted the blankets away from his company. He had hardly been expecting to see her here. Last he'd checked, she'd been over turning about restlessly in her own bed. Sighing to himself, he allowed the covers to settle back over the younger mage.
“Ruby?” he asked, giving her a small prod.
The girl blinked her eyes sleepily and glanced at him. “What time is it?” she asked tiredly.
“It's three thir
:iconsilvernekobaka:SilverNekoBaka 3 71
Liam by SilverNekoBaka Liam :iconsilvernekobaka:SilverNekoBaka 1 5
Shuu X Reader Snow White Queen (Part 3)
The blinds snapped open as you pulled down on the cord. Quickly, you tied them off before they could fall back onto the window ledge. It was a nice day out today and it seemed a shame to leave the window closed off and keep the room so dark and muggy with the artificial lighting above.
In fact, it was the day before the Sports Festival. It seemed that your time at St. Pigeonations had flown past in the blink of an eye. You were honestly a bit disappointed that so much of the year had passed so quickly. You had an excellent class and were very fond of your students. With the first semester a bit more than halfway over, you were, fortunately, relieved from cranking out the report cards for the first nine weeks.
Another bright spot was the matter of the campus' resident creep, Dr. Iwamine. It had been some time since you'd last spoken. And, when you did see him, he merely looked at you and made no attempt to converse. A matter that pleased you greatly since you could honestly go the rest
:iconsilvernekobaka:SilverNekoBaka 24 56
Shuu X Reader Snow White Queen (Part 2)
The annoying buzz of the final bell sounded. The crowd of students in the room quickly slung their bags over their shoulders and exited the room. You weren't quite certain since it was your first day teaching at the school, but you thought that it had gone over fairly well.
You hoped your goal to act like the cool teacher had paid off. The hilarious image of the students faces when you had announced that you'd be giving a quiz the first day, followed by the intensified groans when they realized it was one of those 'get to know you' papers, and finally the chuckles and relaxed faces when they saw the content included things such as “what kind of geek would you consider yourself” and the options “gamer, anime fan, comic fan, all of the above, I have been on a date”.
Several of your students, you found quite interesting. Despite being the teacher, you had to admit that you had a bit of a childish spot for the games and shows that people found popular. Of course, pe
:iconsilvernekobaka:SilverNekoBaka 24 18
Shuu X Reader Snow White Queen (Part 1)
The loud clicking sound of your heels on the hard floors of the hallway echoed through the building. Signs written in kanji were plastered on doors and walls, indicating numbers, upcoming events, and the occasional typical cheesy slogan that seemed to be ever present at any school, no matter the country. It seemed a mystery why they bothered with such things. It wasn't as if the positive and persuasive words had any affect on the real trouble makers of the bunch.
Your eyes scanned the room numbers, looking for the one you were supposed to arrive at, 112. Placing the numbers to fit the foreign script was no problem for your brain to handle. After all, you wouldn't have been much of a foreign language teacher if you couldn't speak the language you'd be translating from.
Arriving at your door, you pulled the key that you'd received from the office from around your neck and inserted it into the lock. The emptiness of the dark room greeted you as you reached for the wall and flipped the swi
:iconsilvernekobaka:SilverNekoBaka 56 52
Ginger exited the kitchen, stomping into the living room in a huff. She approached the couch with all the ferocity of an angry rhino and tossed the crumpled, plastic container at it's occupant.
Blue, who had been adapting quite well to some aspects of the modern world and had taken a particular shine to Call of Duty, was hit spot on in the head with the piece of garbage. “Hey!” he growled, nearly dropping his controller as he glanced up to glare at the girl before him.
“What is that?” she hissed, lips pulled down into a scowl, “Look at that and tell me what it is!”
Blue gave her an equally fierce scowl and glanced down at the container, which was now lying on the floor. After observing the crumpled, plastic thing with the traces of brown lingering around the inside, he finally looked up at her.
“So what?” he asked, “It's one of your stupid American desert containers.” His attention quickly returned to the screen before him, ig
:iconsilvernekobaka:SilverNekoBaka 4 23


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:bulletpurple: I mostly critique creepypasta characters, but if you have a fan fiction character or an original character outside of CP, I'll see what I can do.
:bulletpurple: I'll need a basic description of an original story just to make certain I'm aware of the world this character exists in if it's not real-world based.
:bulletpurple: I reserve the right to decline reviews of any fan character if I'm not familiar with the fandom.
:bulletpurple: I reserve the right to decline a review of any character that I find offensive. In this case, I will probably send you a private note concerning the topic or topics that are not being handled appropriately. This is being done on the chance that the creator honestly didn't realize that the subject was being handled poorly and can be advised to take measures to prevent offending future readers.
(I'm sure this won't happen often, but it does happen. For example, Clockwork threw in incestuous rape just to evoke pity, shock the reader, and to create so much edge that I almost cut myself on it backing out of the story. Then it's never mentioned again. That is not okay.)

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((Hey guys! I'd just like to let you all know that for those of you following my reviews, I'll be moving my stuff to Dreamwidth. I don't really use DA for much other than a roleplaying platform anymore, so since this account is pretty much dead, I've decided to move my stuff over. If you want to follow my reviews on Dreamwidth, here's my account: They'll probably still be slow because college, but I feel like separating them from the site I use to RP might make me more motivated to work on them. 



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A spastic writer with an absurd caffeine addiction.

"This is how you do it: You sit down and the keyboard and put one word after another until it's done. It's that easy, and that hard." --Neil Gaiman

An anime and manga fanatic with an unending compulsion to spend money on comic books (Hellblazer my current series of choice).

I tend to lose track of exactly how many fandoms I'm in.

I'm currently seeking out anything and everything that will make me crap my pants. If you can recommend a movie that will leave a bigger impact on me than The Babadook, I will love you forever, but good luck. That movie is boss.

Fandoms I'm currently obsessed with: Creepypasta, Don't Starve, Welcome to Night Vale, the horror film genre as a whole, Discworld, Hellblazer, Silent Hill

I'm into a ton of things, even if I'm not currently drooling over them. Please come talk to me.

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