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:bulletpurple: I do not work for MONEY. These are POINT comissions only.
:bulletpink: I have a personal life outside DA. Be aware of that and respect that it might take me a while to get to your comission.
:bulletblue: Payment comes first.
:bulletblack: I take comissions for only writing.
:bulletorange: If something comes up that I need to halt comissions for, keep an eye on my journal because it'll be posted there.
:bulletyellow: I do NOT take any comissions ofr yaoi or yuri. I have nothing against people who like the same gender in real life, if that's going to come up as a topic, but it drives me up the wall when people write gay pairings for characters that I personally don't see as being gay.

So let's get this thing started!

Short fanfic one-shot- 3:iconpointsplz:

Ex: 100 Themes 2 (+ Commish)100 Themes 2: At the Amusement Park
Modern Hyrule wasn't the first place she wanted to be. In fact, on a list of places she'd like to be at the moment, the park was somewhere holding on for dear life at the very bottom, if it even held a place on the list at all. For another Zelda fan, this park would probably be the best thing since sliced bread. However, for Ruby this place held too many memories. Some that were too outstanding to allow to escape her as well as some that she would really prefer to forget.
This was the place that had brought the gang closer together, the place that had brought Lya into the group permanently, and the place where their adventure had begun. Yes, the remarkable adventure, which was neither something the mage could forget, nor ever wished to.
However, to relate such a place of lighthearted pleasure as an amusement park with her current less than chipper emotional state, it was also the place where she had first met him. It wasn't as if they had talk

Long fanfic one-shot- 5:iconpointsplz:

Ex: Diary of an Insane CanadianFor TheTurtwig66
I hope you like this TheTurtwig66!
Warnings: Violence, Character Death, Snapped!Character

Dear Diary,
Al was out almost all day today. When he finally came back in he was wet and dirty and he had something in his hands. Dad had a fit, of course but Al didn't seem to care. I didn't really care either. After all, dad's always like that. I was more interested in what he had in his hands that dad's complaining so I went over to get a better look. He opened his hands a bit to let me see what was in them and it turned out that he had caught a frog. I don't know how my big brother does that, frogs are much too fast and slippery for me to hold onto but he catches them all the time. Tomorrow, he said he could take me frog hunting with him and teach me how to hold onto them! I don't think I'll be able to learn it better than him 'cause Al's so cool and he's bigger and smarter and he can teach me things all the time. I'll sure try though, even though big brother'

Short multi chapter fanfic (1-3 chapters)- 10 :iconpointsplz:
:bulletred: SilverNekoBaka does NOT take comissions to write yaoi or yuri.
:bulletblack: Description of characters for fandoms I don't know about will need to be provided through note. I'll note you if I don't know your fandom.

Reader inserts follow the same prices as fanfiction. Below you can find a list of fandoms that I can write for.

Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Pandora Hearts, Inuyasha, Rorouni Kenshin, Legend of Zelda, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Tales of the Abyss, Kuni no Alice, Tokyo Mew Mew, Pokémon, Yu-gi-oh (5Ds and Original), Batman, The Avengers, Harry Potter, Howl's Moving Castle, Spirited Away, D Gray Man, Hetalia, Once Upon a Time, Sleepy Hollow, Hatoful Boyfriend, the original Warriors series, most Marvel and DC movies, Percy Jackson/The Kane Chronicles, Naruto

If you'd like to request anything outside these fandoms, my access to anime and other shows that aren't aired through my local TV station is limited, even through the internet. However, if there's one you can't live without, I'll make a note to look into it.


Short original story one-shot- 4 :iconpointsplz:


100 Themes 21100 Themes
“It Hurts...”

Liam felt himself tense as he awoke. There was another presence beside him, one that certainly hadn't been there when he'd turned in for the night. The professor briefly toyed with the idea of summoning his spear, should anything unfriendly surface. However, he quickly disregarded it. In all logic, if whoever or whatever it was had intended to hurt him, they would have done so long ago. He would have been an easy target while he was sleeping peacefully and unaware of what was going on around him.
Curiously, the man shifted the blankets away from his company. He had hardly been expecting to see her here. Last he'd checked, she'd been over turning about restlessly in her own bed. Sighing to himself, he allowed the covers to settle back over the younger mage.
“Ruby?” he asked, giving her a small prod.
The girl blinked her eyes sleepily and glanced at him. “What time is it?” she asked tiredly.
“It's three thir

Long original story one-shot- 6 :iconpointsplz:

Short multi chapter story with a cast of original characters (1-3 chapters)- 15 :iconpointsplz:
:bulletblue: More is charged for original plotlines and characters because people's originals take me a lot longer to write.
:bulletgreen: A note containing a basic outline of anything I'll need to know and descriptions of characters in the story will be needed.

Current Commission Status:

:iconharuka28: Progress Bar Blank by deenji

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You know what I don't understand? If people share an unpopular opinion, nobody can ever shrug and say "Alright, that's your opinion". It always turns into a big to-do. I think it's kind of interesting when people share unpopular opinions, and I respect that it takes a lot of courage to voice them. Which is why I'm spending this post to divulge some of my own unpopular opinions and ask all of you what yours are, if you feel comfortable sharing them. Just remember. I respect you. If you don't like Lord of the Rings, I respect you. If you don't think Tom Hiddleston is an extremely cute gentleman, I respect you. If you hate cheese... I think you're extremely weird... But hey! I still respect you!

1) I don't like tea.

This is the one that I get the most crap for. Most of the outraged reactions I get for stating an unpopular opinion come from this little fact right here. Another thing is, whenever I tell people I don't like tea, they always assume that I don't like a certain kind of tea. This often leads to some painfully drawn out situations that I'd rather not be in because the amount of scrutiny I'm under in those moments makes me feel like an alien life form.

"I don't like tea."
"You mean, you don't like sweet tea?"
*We're in the south so that's a pretty understandable conclusion because that's what most people mean when they say "tea" here*
"No. I don't like tea."
"Green tea?"
"Earl Grey?"

Yes, I know how weird it is to be able to say honestly that you don't like any kind of tea at all, but I must've tried hundreds of teas in my life. Earl Grey, Green. Sweet Tea, Oolong, a bunch of fruity shit my uncle bought in the East, etc. I have hated every one of them. 

Now don't get me wrong, I'm a very polite person and if you go get iced tea and bring me a glass, I'll gulp it down to be polite. However, I will be resisting the urge to gag the entire time. 


2) FemiNazis rail too hard on SoulCalibur.

Now, don't get me wrong, I agree with some feminist ideals, but they're basically the things that it was built on in the first place. I support equal opportunity, equal pay, and varied representation in media. Also, I will point out that I don't agree with every design that SoulCalibur has ever released. Ivy's costumes in particular drive me insane simply because they seem much too impractical for combat. 

HOWEVER, I adore the games in themselves and I'm kind of tired of seeing feminists rage on them because "the boys get armor and the girls wear short skirts and show their boobs". Yeah, I won't deny that some of the roster is too skimpy for practical combat. But... Let me point something out to you...

HALF OF THE MALE CHARACTERS GO SHIRTLESS/OPEN SHIRTED AND DO NOT WEAR PROTECTIVE CLOTHING SO THAT ARGUMENT IS INVALID!!! Yes, they do tend to wear longer pants than the females, but a great fraction of them expose their skin just like the female characters. Maybe the females show their breasts, and maybe the females have some leg sticking out, BUT I DO NOT SEE THE MALES COVERING THEMSELVES ANY BETTER!!!

Yeah, there are exceptions. Patroklos covered himself, and so does Raphael. However, most of them do not, so it's a huge overstatement to say that the females are being overly revealed when the males wear things like this. 

Yeah, rail on Taki because her uniform clings to her and she has big boobs. Guess what? I laugh at your argument because Taki's character is one of the fastest on the roster. I wouldn't complain too much about the catsuit if I were you. If she was wearing armor, that astounding speed and agility would mean zip. I don't give a damn that video game physics can overrule that. This isn't a horrible costume for someone with her stats. It's light, and it doesn't have a bunch of material flapping in the wind to give her resistance. 

Now, it two, I will admit that she needed to wear a bra, but the developers have gotten slightly better in the later games, or so I've noticed. 

This is the one that bugs me. It's impractical. Even if the has a strong weapon, I'll admit that these costumes are fanservice. BUT... This is her model from SC2. Can you say "alternative costume"?

This is her alternate costume from the same game. Not only is it respectable, but it actually kind of pretty. It looks like Captain Amelia from Treasure Planet. Which is why I have to ask if the people who blow up about these games actually bothered to look at the costuming options.

"Xianghua and SoulCalibur from Soul Calibur 2 by wadamen

I think XiangHua's kind of adorable in this. 

10/10 would cosplay.

3) Dogs are terrifying.

All you need to know is right there.

4) The ending of The Blair Witch Project sucked.

Actually, allow me to clarify. I wasted ninety minutes of my life watching three idiots scream at each other in the woods while something made 3spooky5me noises outside the tent. Half the dialogue consisted of the word "fuck". I got to deal with all of this waiting for it to be scary and the entire ninety minutes lead up to a guy taking a piss in a corner. 

The ENDING to The Blair Witch Project didn't suck. THE BLAIR WITCH PROJECT SUCKED!

5) Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty are the worst Disney princesses. 

Man, pretty girls who can sing and don't have any personality outside of that? MAN, I GOTTA GET ME SOME OF THAT!
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